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Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision and/or land development applications are required for any improvement to the land and can include:

  • Building Additions
  • Commercial and Residential Construction
  • Lot Line Changes
  • Paving Expansions

Permitting Requirements

Construction of or improvements to single-family dwellings on individual lots are not required to go through the subdivision and land development process; however, they may be subject to the permitting requirements of the Township's:

  • Building and Construction Codes
  • Grading Ordinance
  • Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Swamp Creek Stormwater Management Ordinance
  • Zoning Ordinance

Types of Applications

Prior to beginning any type of project, it is highly recommended that applicants contact Lower Pottsgrove Township Staff to discuss your proposed project to understand what types of requirements it must meet. Township staff will advise you on the type of application you should submit. Subdivision and Land Development applications can be submitted in any of the following formats:

  • Final Subdivision and/or Land Development
  • Lot Line Consolidation
  • Minor Subdivision and/or Land Development
  • Preliminary Subdivision and/or Land Development
  • Site Plan Amendment

All plans are reviewed for compliance with Lower Pottsgrove's Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance, Zoning Ordinance, Stormwater Ordinance, and all other applicable requirements. Applications are reviewed by Township staff, the Montgomery County Planning Commission, and the Townships Planning Commission, which makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners makes the final decision for all subdivision and land development applications.

Approval From Organizations

During the Subdivision and Land Development process, applicants may be required to receive approvals and/or permits from other organizations prior to approval by Lower Pottsgrove Township. These organizations may include, but are not limited to:

Required Documents

After approval of a subdivision and/or land development plan, applicants are required to execute and record the following documents:

  • Easements and/or Deed Restrictions, as May Be Required
  • Financial Security Agreement
  • Record Plan
  • Subdivision and Land Development Agreement

Following final approval of a subdivision and land development plan and other obligations, as determined by the subdivision and land development process, applicants may apply for Grading Permits, Building and Construction Permits, and Sewer Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU), as applicable. Once a land development and/or construction project is ready to begin, Township staff will inspect work to ensure it is being completed according to plan.

Lower Pottsgrove Township Code of Ordinances

All of Lower Pottsgrove Township's Ordinances, including Zoning, Subdivision and Land Development, Grading, and Stormwater can be found electronically, in a searchable format on the General Code Publishers website.