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November 17, 2006

Dear Resident,

Lower Pottsgrove contracts with a waste hauler on behalf of Township residents in order pass on to residents the cost savings of a large group contract.  This year, the cost of providing this service has increased more than 20 percent and includes new costs to comply with a State mandate requiring monthly leaf collection.  This mandate adds nine more scheduled pick ups to your regularly-scheduled autumn leaf waste collections.

Since municipal waste hauling is a significant portion of the Lower Pottsgrove budget, these increases impact the Township's ability to maintain its level of service in other areas such as police, fire, road maintenance, and other services.  The Township would like to continue to provide municipal waste hauling as a service to its residents; however, in an effort to keep municipal taxes as low as possible, we will begin billing residents participating in the municipal waste contract a fee of $142 annually.  Starting January 1, 2011, you will be billed $71 twice annually, which you will receive in March and September of each year.  This fee is approximately $250 less than what individuals pay on the open market for waste hauling services. 

Lower Pottsgrove Township continually works to provide a high level of service and keep costs reasonable.  We sincerely appreciate your cooperation as we strive to maintain a high quality of life in Lower Pottsgrove Township.


Bruce Foltz, Chairman
Board of Commissioners

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