Planning Projects

Completed Planning Projects

Community Revitalization Plan

Lower Pottsgrove worked with TRIAD Associates on a Community Revitalization Plan for census tract 2087.04 which was adopted July 24, 2008. The purpose of this planning study was to develop a framework for future revitalization work in Lower Pottsgrove Township. It was partially funded by the Montgomery County Community Revitalization Program.

Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Comprehensive Plan

Lower Pottsgrove is one of eight municipalities that participate in this multi-municipal comprehensive planning effort. These eight municipalities cooperate in an effort to ensure smarter growth in the region, better management of future development, and preservation of historical, cultural and natural amenities in the area.

Open Space & Environmental Resource Protection Plan

The Open Space and Environmental Resource Protection plan was completed in 2005. It identifies significant and/or sensitive environmental resources within the Township. In addition, it sets forth an action plan for preserving these areas, acquiring open space, and developing connectivity between open space, through open space acquisition, sidewalks, and trail networks. Since adoption of this plan, Lower Pottsgrove has preserved open space through acquisition and development set asides. It has also begun setting aside land for development into a future trail network.

Sanatoga Village District

The Sanatoga Village District is located along High Street between the stone arch bridges at Sunnybrook Boulevard and Sanatoga Road. This district was created through careful study and a zoning overlay district that sets design standards to encourage preservation of historic resources, encourage walkability, and preserve the scale of the district. Since the inception of this plan, many businesses have located in the Sanatoga Village District.