Gerald Richards & Pleasantview Parks

Master Site Planning Process for Gerald Richards and Pleasantview Parks

Lower Pottsgrove recieved a grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to prepare a master site plan for the 32-acre Snell and Norton Park. The Township was able to complete this project under budget and received permission from DCNR to use the remaining money to create a master plan for one of the Township's newest parks, the approximately 20-acre Pleasantview Park, and look at the current design of the Township's most popular park, Gerald Richards Park, to find ways to help it serve the community better.

Pleasantview Park

Pleasantview Park is located at the corner of Bliem and Pleasantview Roads and was purchased in 2007 with the intent that it will eventually be developed as an active recreation facility. Its relatively flat topography and central location make it ideal for this purpose.

Gerald Richards Park

The 30-acre Gerald Richards Park, located on Buchert Road across from the Township Building, is the Township's flagship park. It serves a majority of the Township's recreation needs with its many baseball and multipurpose fields, basketball courts, and half-mile trail with exercise stations. While this popular facility does its best to meet the needs of the Township, it often gets run down and crowded in trying to so.

Design Questions

Since both parks are within a half mile of each other, the Township looked at the design of these parks in a wholistic manner. Can Pleasantview Park take some of activities that Gerald Richards Park hosts, opening up room to create a more diverse recreation experience at Gerald Richards Park? Can each of these facilities provide ample facilities to meet the needs of the Township while permitting better management? These questions and more were the subject of six public meetings starting in November 2010 and going through April 2011.

Simone Collins, who completed the Township's plan of Snell and Norton Park leads the planning process.

Master Plan Documents

Draft Master Plan, March 23, 2011

Meeting Notes